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March 2, 2014 – Couples.Com.AU, a social networking and dating site, announced today that they have launched a website designed specifically to appeal to couple in Australia who are interested in swinger Australia. The site was established with the intent of letting like-minded individuals who are interested in the swinger scene and swinger lifestyle to have a forum in which to interacts with other couples and possibly make a connection to allow for chatting online, video online or meeting and dating in person. The website provides a great deal of information and possibilities for couples to meet other couples involved in the swinger Australia scene.

Couples.com.AU has a great deal of information and possibilities set up on the website to allow for positive interactions. Interested couples have the opportunity to set up an account and then be able to establish a profile for themselves, letting others know of their likes, dislikes and limits so they are able to hook up with other people in their particular area. Once an account has been set up couples have the opportunity to look at other members on the site and their accounts to find out if they have similar interests and are looking to enjoy the same types of activities so that they can then make some kind of connection. This unique site for couples provides an opportunity that may not have existed before for many who were not sure where to locate other swinger couples of interest in their area.

Couples.com.AU has established the site with many different options available. There are forums where messages and questions can be posted regarding a variety of topics. Searches can be conducted so couples can find others who may be interested in particular fetishes, age groups, sexual preferences, races or origins to make choosing potential partners easier. Messages can then be sent to chosen couples to let them know about interest so connections can be made. There are also opportunities for webcam chatting, travel interests and a listing of clubs and events that are nearby for those interested.

Couples.com.AU offers the unique opportunity many couples have been seeking out in Australia and have not been able to find others who share their interests. The website has been designed as a forum for free and safe interactions among consenting adults who can establish accounts and interact with other couples who enjoy the same lifestyle. Interested parties who would like more information regarding particulars about the website or the opportunity to see what the site has to offer and establish an account are encouraged to visit the website directly for more information and the chance to create an account.

About Couples.Com.AU

Couples.com.AU is a dating and profiles website in Australia that allows couples interested in the swinging lifestyle to connect, chat with and meet other couples who are interested in swinger Australia. The website provides a dating service that allows for searching for couples with similar interests so positive connections can be made and potential friendships and relationships can be established in a safe and fun environment.

Company Contact: Couples.com.au
Company Email: http://www.couples.com.au/

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